Wine Company Brancatelli

Our History

“My passion for wine was something I acquired from no stranger: I can still see myself wandering through my father’s vineyard in Mili San Pietro, near Messina.His vineyard was his first great love, and he cherished it as such. Every morning he let me take part in his rituals: digging the ground, pruning the vines and doing the weeding.At the age of 22, I left my home town to work as a restaurateur in Holland, and I was able to convey my love of wine to my clientele. As time went by, my desire to carry on my father’s old trade continued to grow.In my free time, I started to search for my own vineyard, which I found after a long quest. Situated in Val di Cornia, in Tuscany, with the sea to one side, and the mountains on the other, it provided the perfect microclimate, and a soil ideal for wine-growing.I had begun to realise my dream.”
Giuseppe Brancatelli