Tuscan Grappa

Pinò Grappa and Grappa Magica

Pinò Grappa

Grape Variety: 50% Syrah, 50% Cabernet Suavignon.

This is an intense Grappa. Aged in oak barrels for 18 months and then bottled. Great aging potential. Harmonious flowery scent, smooth and pleasant to the taste, with a clean finish.

Colour: Perfectly clear in colour; amber or deep gold.
Smell: An intense perfume of ripe fruits, floral and spicy scents.
Flavour: Elegant, smooth, full bodied, ripe fruits, aromatic.
Structure: Powerful, rounded, soft, full-bodied and a beautiful sensation of harmony and elegance.

Grappa Magica

Distillated from fresh pomace, from Italian grapes, distilled with discontinuous artisanal method.

Matured five years in barrels of Limousine oak, this distillated, from the warm and rich tones, offers complex feelings and emotions such as to merit the label ‘Distilled of Meditation’.

With sensual notes of vanilla, almond and walnut, the sweetness of the fig and date palms and a pleasant citrus background, this distillate offers to our memory the smells and the atmosphere you can breathe in the Tuscan wineries, complex in the mouth, its shades reflect the colors of our autumnal landscape.



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