Farmhouse in Campiglia Marittima

Perfect location to visit Tuscany

Farmhouse in Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima is located at the center of Val di Cornia, enclosed between the hills and the sea.

The territory of Campiglia is rich in Etruscan, Roman and medieval testimonies. The town is inhabited since the XI century, but even before that in this area existed some villages of Etruscans and Romans. Having been a stronghold of Pisa and then of Florence, Campiglia was an economic and military force of the area. You can see it even by its historic center that still shows its medieval appearance. Still today is possible to walk in narrow alleys, paved squares, medieval arches and palaces.

In Campiglia Marittima you can find numerous proposals for fun and relax of the whole family starting with various paths and trails crossing the surrounding countryside. This trails can be run by foot, by bike or with a horse counting on one of the numerous handlings of the area.

Interesting to visit is even the Archeo-mining Park of Saint Sylvester that offers various visit possibilities, or the medieval mine now abandoned and exploit as open air museum.