Farmhouse in Venturina

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Farmhouse in Venturina

Surrounded by the natural landscape of the Val di Cornia, Venturina is a small town known for its spas.

Although the beneficial properties of the waters of Venturina were known since ancient times, the first to exploit them were the Romans who built a real spa. Today those same spas have been recovered and collected to form a suggestive natural thermal pool in the open air around which a modern wellness center has developed which offers massages, muds and other beauty treatments.

On the hills around the town, vineyards and olive groves extend as far as the eye can see. From these we then obtain oil and DOC wine of excellent quality, much appreciated throughout the valley and today also known abroad.

Local oil and wine are then used to prepare or accompany countless traditional recipes that refer to the more classic Tuscan gastronomy based on game, unsalted bread, fresh pasta, seasonal fruit and vegetables.