Farmhouse in Riotorto

Perfect location to visit Tuscany

Farmhouse in Riotorto

The small town of Riotorto is located at the extreme south of the province of Livorno, overlooking the Gulf of Follonica.Times ago the area was poorly populated because covered with swamps, but after the Granduke’s reclamation the town saw a new birth. The hilly territory started to be exploited to cultivate vines and olive groves so that today the wine production of Riotorto is known and appreciated in the whole country and even abroad.The closest beach is located just a few km from the center of town. It is characterized by soft, fine sand and for the presence of a surveillance tower of the sixteenth century: the imposing Torre Mozza, that was used to warn population of the arrival of any dangers from the sea. This crystal clear water was indeed hunting ground for wild pirates.Hiking, mountain bike trips or horse trips are the best way to discover the territory without losing any of the most suggestive breathtaking views.

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Come and try the tuscan living way, Villa Brancatelli, a building of the XIII century, surrounded by its own vineyards, offers you the perfect place to live and discover.






Azienda Agricola Biologica Brancatelli Agriturismo

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